Hey Everybody. I am sure everybody is enjoying thier 21 day lockdown period like an much needed vacationThe first few days, I too lazied around,  binged watched series until late night ( dawns ) ate a whole lot of unwanted junk food,  and generally just slept till noon. I gave myself 3 days of it […]

I wish I could take away all your pain.And give you all my strength. I wish I could chase away all your nightmares .And give you only beautiful dreams. I wish I could walk under the scorching sun for youSo that you could walk in the shadows of the moonlight I wish I could take […]

It’s 2am. I sit hear with tears in my eyes , alone , swallowed by my own grief …It’s dark all around me , somehow the darkness of the night has engulfed me ,It’s choking me , I can’t breathe , I feel as though the darkness is twisting my guts.I hear the desperation in […]

There are days like these when The tears don’t stop flowing , The heart does not stop yearning , and The soul is too tired to understand . There is no reason as such for these feelings … But the magnitude of the past weighs heavily on one’s heart . It brings back memories of […]

Her favorite place to be was siting on the sill of her room’s French Window. One could find her enjoying the sunset everyday . It was those few minutes which she waited in anticipation for . Time stopped during those sunset moments . She always related to the sunsets as beautiful endings. Looking far beyond […]

And then it happened. The moment that every unrealised heart craves for. The unforgettable instant that a soul, clinging on to the purest memory of its previous life, longs for. The moment which, in spite of a conspiracy of the gods, only a few lucky one’s experience. The moment when he enters her life. (words […]

What if while fighting for what you want, you discover that you don’t like who you are becoming ? I’ve spent too much time avoiding confrontation and wondering why I never get what I want. I run. I hide. I make excuses for my weakness . I i mess up , give up , But […]