Choosing Uncertainity Over Routine

I am so thankful I chose Uncertainty over Happiness ….
7 years ago,
I got married, too early for my age and thought I repented it. But I am glad I got married. I met my true Soul mate. I understood what true love is. We had our share of trials & tribulations; but our love for each other over powered every difficulty and today I can say that I am in a special and fulfilling relationship.
5 years ago,
I had given up hope; that I would ever be able to complete my education. I was slogging in ‘graveyard’ shifts with hardly any time for relationships, education, desired career or even self.
Thank God, I did not give in to my Fears but instead found another way around. I applied to University to study externally.

3 years ago,

I was afraid, when I understood I am expecting. It seemed to me that everything in my Life will take an unexpected turn. I thought that I am not even capable to shoulder this kind of a bond or responsibility. I had too many questions on my mind. I feared the Responsibility. Still unclear I visited a GP. I went through a huge emotional transition within seconds after seeing the Ultra sound.
Today, I am a proud mother to a cute (read: brat) baby boy. Though the disadvantages include sleepless nights, messy plates & yucky Diapers … but believe me it’s worth it.

1 year ago,

Post-partum depression, very common but all the while devastating. Everyone urged me to take up my job again. But I begged to differ. 
I did not want to disturb my kids schedule or compromise on his upbringing. It was my first priority to be there for Aarav whenever he needed me. I did not want to miss on his Growing up. I knew and appreciated that my mom had given up her own career to raise her kids. And that’s what I wanted to do.
So this is what I came up with…
I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Start my own Designer Boutique, but ended up studying Literature. So I gave a shot at writing. Today, I have found a field which really brings out the best in me. I am about to Self Publish my Book (Fiction). I have started blogging and working as a Free Lance writer. I have started designing Ethnic Indian Attire’s by order. 
I never thought that these options could work out, but they actually seem to be falling in place.

Quote : “I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.
Delicious Ambiguity.” 
― Gilda

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