Love is not just when you say it aloud. It’s in small gestures. There are several ways to express your love for someone. So here’s to when you know that special someone really love’s you even if he doesn’t say so in those specific words.

Love is in your crooked smile reserved for me

Love is when you plant a kiss on my forehead while saying goodbye

Love is when you hold me in your arms after a hectic day

Love is when you yell at me for my recklessness

Love is knowing what I like and making sure that I get it

Love is when you want me to notice that you are looking good

Love is when you miss me but will never admit that it irritayes you

Love is when you ask me were you busy, when you really want to know why I did not call

Love is knowing you can’t stay away but try to, so that you can prove me wrong

Love is when you search for me in the crowd, but pretend to not notice me when I am right in front of you

Love is when you understand I am angry and leave me alone

Love is you liking the fragrance I wear

Love is you asking me where are you going when you actually ate getting all possesive and mean to say that I look beautiful

Love is getting me my favorite ice-cream on onr of the coldest days og winter

Love is when you say nothing when I keep telling you that I love you

Love is when you avoid looking at me after a fight and say that you don’t love me.

Love is you..


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