Its Out Choices that make Us

“Why is life so unfair?”
“What did I do to deserve this?”
“Why do bad things keep happening to me?”
“Can’t I get Lucky just once?”
“Why Me?”
Sounds familiar? 
Well it is not only you; as a matter of fact every human being once in a while has these kinds of thoughts in one’s mind.
But what exactly causes these negative thoughts to enter your mind.
In day to day life we come across many people and situations; with which we cannot comply. Criticism, Opinions, Thoughts, differ with every individual. 
It is very aggravating to deal with someone who mistreats, demoralizes or takes advantage of you. Over the years, I have realized that; people who have hurt you, mistreated or taken advantage of you or have managed to win over you with false means and motives are actually INSECURE about themselves. By attacking us, they are in the true sense asking for help. As these people cannot engage in healthy play, they instead take it out on others. 
It’s usually when you are feeling let down or things happens against your planning or will; that is when you start to question your ability, personality, luck, existence and likes. 
This brings in more Negativity in your way of thinking and analyzing situations. We start underestimating our worth and strengths. Everything seems to go terribly wrong. To top it all, even our closed ones ask us to come in terms with what has happened and get over it, already knowing that doing so is very difficult.
But does it really help to leave this terrible phase behind and not think about it. How can one just accept all the bad stuff and not sulk? It is not so easy to “Stop thinking about it” and “Focus on the positive.” I think it’s perfectly normal to have negative thoughts and actually it’s not at all bad to Grieve Grief does not change you, It reveals you; but at some point we need to get over our negativity and the train of negative thoughts, Try to understand and analyze others actions but don’t over react. Too often people over analyze how or when they should do something positive. 
It’s sometimes best though to eliminate unhealthy thoughts and re-evaluate your equation with people who bring a lot of Negativity in your Life.
When you are in the most disturbing or worst phase of life, be in the company of people who bring a smile on your face, who inspire you or with whom you are very comfortable. 
Choose to surround yourself with positive people. Life is too short to regret, get angry or keep fighting. There are far better things in Life, then to entertain unwanted thoughts, ideas and people.
You cannot always control the world or the way things happen, but , you always have a Choice. You will deal with people and things that may be bad, but you are the one who will choose how you perceive and react to them.
Keep Going ….

Shweta Raut-Borase


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