Just Sometimes…

Sometimes it’s necessary to feel the pain to realize that we are still alive….
Sometimes it’s important to argue to let others know that just because you are holding back hurtful words does not mean that you can’t defend yourself….
Sometimes its easier to let go of things that hurt your soul than to cling onto because there are way better things in life to chase after than the one’s you think you can’t live without….
Just sometimes it feels good to be childish and throw a tantrum than to seem all grown up and not really enjoy the simplicity of enjoying an ice cream in the middle of the day…
And at times its beautiful for you to dance like nobody is watching and laugh like there is no tomorrow…. And sing like you are the only living being alive on the entire planet…… 
And sometimes its necessary to get thoroughly drenched in the first Rain to realize that it’s the most theraupatic soul cleanser no money could ever buy…
Shweta Raut-Borase
#rain #love #listentoyourheart


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