Love is…

Love….. Since ages I have been trying to understand what Love means. No not the word itself, but the feeling called ‘love’.

We all have loved someone or something in our lives and felt the need to be loved in return. But could any one just explain what this ‘love’ is. I have tried and failed to explain or understand what Love is…

I always believe that, what woman every wants is that one person who will love her unconditionally. She might or might not want to get married, she may not want kids. She might be in a space where her career is of utmost importance to her. But deep down she wants to be cherished and loved for what she is.
That got me thinking i could not find the answers to the What. But i definitely need to know Why?.

Why did i fall in love
Why do my parents love me
Why on earth would it matter if I am not loved back….
And you know what i had answers to most of these questions and they led back to the fact that its really difficult to decipher love
Love is an emotion used very casually nowadays, Where even kid says i love you when deep down they do not. even know the dictionary meaning of the word.


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