Motherhood …

The best moment of a woman’s life is the one where she embraces her identity as a mother.
Being a mother is not about the relationship , Its the process where a women is Empowered by molding herself for the journey called motherhood. 
There is no love as powerful and fulfilling as a mother’s love . A mothers love is a blessing. No matter where you are , how far the distance but a mother will always love you until her very last breathe. 
A mother will never fail you . She will walk behind you when you are troubled . She will lead you when you are in doubt . She will walk besides you to face your fears . She will always bless you and be a part of your happiness . 
A woman will give her love and heart to her family and friends but her Soul will always belong to her kid , her creation . 
A mother is simply God’s best gift to mankind .

When a woman’s ‘expectations’ come true , the reflection is a cherished part of her soul .


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