On Relationships…

In today’s world its difficult to maintain relationships. Like gadgets people and relationships have become high maintenanace . Its human nature to expect something from another person when you are doing something for them in the fisrt place . 
Which means one expects love , care , understanding , time , material possesions in Return for the same and when you dont get that attention and actions back we justifiy it by saying that ‘this relationship means nothing or I am not a Priority for anyone’. But do we seldom try to understand that the person we are accusing might have his own problems to deal with and is already juggling quite a lot things to survive everyday . Maybe he really wants to be a part of your life but has other important and urgent Commitmwnts . Maybe he cant express himself like you do ,but you do mean a lot to him . Maybe he knows you are alwats going to be there for him and qhen the time is right he will be the one shoulder you can hang onto. 
In any relationship , be it family , friends or partners you need to be forgiving and accepting . Its very essential to do something and then let go . 
A relationship is exactly like a good deed or charity . You invest in it , give your 100% but secretly and without any expectations for returns. 
That’s the only way you can get along with people . Never expect anything from them and always apologise for any hurt that you have unintentionally caused . It will help you grow as a person and also help the other person atleast realise that he can count on you .

If you expect nothing from anyone , you will never be disappointed . And anything they do for you in thwir own accord will always be a special treat and cherished by you .

As one can rightly say that a surprise or gift is always special because you were never expecting it in the first place . The same goes with relationships . Let the mystery unfold itself rather than dictating on how you think it should be.

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