Second Chances

A few years ago, I got myself inked with a Phoenix on my nape…
Now Everytime the tattoo is seen, I have been asked the reason for getting it done…
And all I could do is smile…

Today after almost 5 years, I can reflect as to Why I got it done…
Though a mythological bird… I am inspired by the characteristics signified by a Phoenix…

A phoenix, to me portrays sheer strength.
The determination to fly high ..
The zeal to live a vibrant & colourful life
The compassion to carry burdens and be forgiving ..
The willingness to burn for others..
The strength to love without attachments and expectations..

And when Life truly revels its plan for me… RISE above my Fears , surrender to Fate and Give myself a chance to Love myself all over again , accomplish every Dream, Grow and carry on ALONE…

Every body makes mistakes. No one is perfect. I too have my own flaws.. But… The phoenix has my back and motivates me to be different and think about nothing but being deserving of Second Chances and leaving your past behind in search of new beginnings.

#Hope #secondchances #Phoenix

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