She is not angry, She is simply tired.
She does not need someone to cheer her up… She just wants somebody to tell her she matters.
She is fed up of being too giving, caring more than she should and yet still breaking and shattering her fragile soul into thousands of pieces every time she is not good enough.
She doesn’t have the energy to hold onto the things which mean the world to her and yet she is clinging onto the the idea of selflessness and unconditional love, which is emptying her.
She is draining her quota of goodwill, to overcome the burden of not being with the one’s she loves.
Yet is there no one who cares enough to feel that she cries herself to sleep every night.
Is there no one to realise that she is worth loving.. 
Somebody needs to understand that she is slowly giving up on not only her loved ones but she is losing hope on being alive…. For her soul has been dead a long time ago….
Yet she is a fighter…
And she will carry all her burdens with grace and aplomb
She will smile in the face of adversities and happily give away every ounce of her life to make sure that her legacy of spreading love will not go in vain… Not even a single loved one will feel pain…


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