To New Beginnings

Felt the highs and the lows… 
Yet survived all the blows. 
Cost me few loved ones and also let go of the undeserving…. 
Yet there were a few whose love was unwavering. 
Realised that shit happens and you never know which one is your last sunset… 
Yet I had faith that the best is to come yet. 
Believed in dishing out second chances and getting over the pain… 
Yet kept my inner child alive by simply dancing in the rain. 
Was forced to come out of my comfort zone and had no other choice but to let go of emotions 
Yet it seemed that it was a year full of morbid realizations
But you know what…. 
I Cried
I Tried 
I Gave up
I Let Go
I Lost
I Doubted
I felt helpless
Yet I did everything to survive 
This year I survived 
The coming year 
I Will Love
I will care
I will still belive in what is fair
I will trust
I will wait
I will do my best to not loose faith
I will give second chances
I will bare the pain
I will not let my efforts go in vain
I will smile
I will cry
I will always give it an another try

This Year I truly will Live and not just survive.
To New Beginnings 🦋

#shwetarb #HappyNewYear #2019 #survived #lovetothefullest#hopes #newbeginnings #newyearresolutions

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