What Love is not…

Recently, I have been thinking as to what Love is. And there were these vivid ideas which came to my mind which explains as to what love exactly is not. But none did justice to the emotion of being able to Love.

Every human is born with the heart to love. Some can freely admit to it, some feel it’s a curse while others spend their life unable to express themselves.

What I personally think is that Love is a feeling that can’t be explained in a few words. It’s an injustice to the emotion called love to bind it in a frame and describe it in lyrics.
Yet you start emoting Love the very moment you are born.
You love your parents, siblings, relatives and friends. 
You do love your pets, nature, colors, things, memories, interests and situations, 
You also fall in love with a total stranger promising them forevers and lifetimes.

So basically, you love the idea of being in love.. Not only loving people but also inanimate objects and random interests….

So Love is not only for that one special person whom you date, marry or have feelings for…. It is an emotion which you express for every one and every thing you hold close to your heart.

Love is where your passion is. And passion is where you whole heartedly appreciate, like and enjoy something.

So when you say you love someone or something, you imply that you are passionate about it. Those moments, people or objects give you immense pleasure or make you feel unique for your choices.

Love is the only feeling which gives you the strength to rekindle your passion and live life.

Love gives you the ability to smile and appreciate small things and moments.

Love is, where your fathers pride, mothers tears, siblings quarrel, lover’s touch, pets naughtiness, nature’s beauty all motivate you to be a better person. It gives you direction and freedom taking away all your burdens and worries.

Nothing can be as soothing as a word of encouragement from you father, nothing can cure like the touch of your mothers hand, nothing can get better before you are cuddled by your brother. Nothing in this world can compare to the compassion in your lover’s eyes. No one can teach you to love unconditionally like your kid.

And nothing in this world can compare to the ability of being able to Love and being loved in return..

Love is not just an emotion or a feeling, It is pure Magic




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