The Little Window

Her favorite place to be was siting on the sill of her room’s French Window. One could find her enjoying the sunset everyday . It was those few minutes which she waited in anticipation for . Time stopped during those sunset moments . She always related to the sunsets as beautiful endings.

Looking far beyond the horizon she always dreamed that one day she would travel to every part of the world where the sun touched . Even for a child of Eleven years of age , she understood the hurdles , misogynistic ides of the world she lived in . No matter how hard she tried , she would never be truly free to pursue her dreams but She lived and thrived on Adventure.

One early summers day , her father paid someone to fit cross bars on the window that she so dearly loved .

She did not know of this until she came back from school, or she would have simply argued against her favorite spot being ruined in such a blatant way . It was a pain to see that her space was now nothing but a cage.

It nauseated her to even look at the window anymore , for it portrayed the death of her dreams , hopes and adventures. That night she cried herself to sleep . The only place she felt at home was in that small corner of hers and unreasonably though it had been taken away from her.

But as it so happens, life went on …. and nothing changed but somewhere the little girl hardened herself enough to understand that Homes don’t ever mean security , sunsets do not signify endings , And if your are born to fly then no caged bars can ever stop you from taking that flight .

Maybe just because she loathed to look at the sunset through the caged bars , she dared to venture outside and take in the spectacular view beyond that Little Window . It gave her a meaning , a purpose to explore instead of just dreaming.

Just Maybe…..

Shweta Abhijit Borase #shwetarb

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