Not Good Enough

There are days like these when The tears don’t stop flowing , The heart does not stop yearning , and The soul is too tired to understand .
There is no reason as such for these feelings …
But the magnitude of the past weighs heavily on one’s heart . It brings back memories of pain and loss . The ugly truth of not being loved back , The realization of never being good enough , The helplessness of being unwanted. It kills the desire to live .

There are days like these when you know that Friends have back stabbed and Family has never been satisfied by you . Your loved ones have taken you for granted and Your soulmate does not recognise you .

But you still keep giving , you still keep caring , you forgive them all and still try to  brighten their days . You accept that you fall short of their expectations even when you have given everything you can .
You have killed every part of you to put their pieces together and yet here you remain all alone , tired and on the brim of giving up because you don’t understand what wrong have you done ,  why is it always your fault , why do you deserve this after giving so much to others and making them your priority
Wouldn’t it be better to once know why is it always that you are not good enough .


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