2am’s & Horizons

It’s 2am.
I sit hear with tears in my eyes , alone , swallowed by my own grief …
It’s dark all around me , somehow the darkness of the night has engulfed me ,
It’s choking me , I can’t breathe , I feel as though the darkness is twisting my guts.
I hear the desperation in my own sobs and helplessness in my bloodshot eyes
I want to reach out, break out of this trance but I keep drowning .
There is this fear which raises its head every time I try to break free of this darkness like some feelings of conflict , confusion which overwhelm me .
The fear of being Misunderstood , Misjudged , Unheard , Unwanted , Unloved , Alone and being Lost .

I sit back and let the tears flow . That’s the only thing I can do for now.
I think if I can just make it through this night , Then I can certainly live and survive another day into this world .

I will give myself this night , I will wait , because I can’t give up on the only thing I want in this Life as desperately as I need to breathe . The thing which keeps me going . I will give myself another chance in this brutal world because it is not yet time for my spirit to be broken.
I will gather all the scattered pieces of my soul and rise with the sun once again to fly high the way I am born to do.

I will wait for Daylight because it is just 2am and I can see the dawn of new beginnings on the horizon .


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