The Year of Lessons

15th December 2018 – 15th December 2019

What a year it has been …. It thought me a lot of things .It changed me in a lot of ways.
It gave me a lot of reasons to live. But most of all It let me know why I survived.

It gave me the urgency to take action to fulfill my dreams but it taught me that all good things come in time.

It truly let me know who are mine .
But also showed me the fake masks people wear.

It taught me that being ignored kills my morale , makes me feel unwanted and unloved but it also taught me that one special person out of lakhs of people is worth burning for because they only can bring your Soul at peace.

It portrayed that I should not trust blindly .But I also should never loose my faith to believe in good.

It pushed away a lot of things that were truly not meant for me but it opened up new opportunities which otherwise I would not have taken measures to try.

It made me realise that I need to live my life meaningfully but also need to be carefree and have no regrets and love life as if my existence depended on it and every day was my last .

It proved that Love is forgiving the other person but it also told me to never forget what harm love can cause with blind trust.

It helped me Smile even when I was all broken inside but my tears let me know that even though it hurt , I am strong enough to never give up .

It made me realize, my scars are prove that I fought valiantly and the Battles I fought made me who I am and the people who love me were never bothered that I am scarred for life.

It let me know that I have to be good even though people will never treat you the way you treat them but to never be hateful or mean because that is not what I am.

It taught me that Love is not always loud , it has also a unique silence around it but it also taught me that unsaid things can cause a relationship unwanted damage.

It taught me to hold on to what I think is important for me and hold it in high esteem .But it also taught me to let go of things which became toxic for me even if it hurts to give up on them.

As the year ends I have a lot of mixed feelings but I definitely know what I want from my life here after … And I will never give up on the people , dreams and things I want permanently with me until I die. Because that is what is pushing me through to break barriers and is making my living worth it.


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