हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं ज़रूरी बात कहनी हो कोई वादा निभाना हो उसे आवाज़ देनी हो उसे वापस बुलाना हो हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं मदद करनी हो उसकी यार का धाढ़स बंधाना हो बहुत देरीना रास्तों पर किसी से मिलने जाना हो हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं बदलते मौसमों की सैर में दिल को लगाना हो किसी को याद रखना […]

प्रत्येकाच्या प्रेम म्हणजे काय असतं ह्याच्या संकल्पना असतात. पण खर तर प्रेम हे संकल्पनेचा पलीकडचे आहे. सगळ्याना प्रेम व्यक्त करता येत नाही. ती एक अशी भावना आहे जी जाणीव करण्या साठी असते. शब्द गरजेचे नसतात, नजरेतूनच कळते.आपण आजच्या जगात कितीही practical राहण्याचा प्रयत्न केला तरी एक गोष्ट आपण विसरतो की आपण जन्माला येतो, भरपूर शिकतो, […]

You turned my insanity into passion.You showed me how to turn my impatience into effortsYou controlled my impulsiveness into being creative.You gave direction to my dreamsYou gave me kindness when I couldn’t find it in me to forgive myself.You gave me roots to be stable, yet also let me fly to the horizon to find […]

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Who am I really?’ Am I a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, an enthusiast or a writer ? The truth is that you all your identities, everything you believe yourself to be, are all dependent on something or someone else. So then, who are you? By […]

I hope you fall in love with someone who always calls you back and never lets you fall asleep making you feel unwanted. I hope you fall in love with someone who holds your hand during the scary parts of horror movies and burns cookies with you while you’re both busy dancing around the kitchen. […]

I believe that this world was made for everyoneI can see all that wealth wont make a differenceAll that matters in my worldAll that matters to me is youOnly you, only youAll that matters, only youI dont care what people say, what people doI dont share their state of mind or their point of viewAll […]

In today’s world its difficult to maintain relationships. Like gadgets people and relationships have become high maintenanace . Its human nature to expect something from another person when you are doing something for them in the fisrt place . Which means one expects love , care , understanding , time , material possesions in Return for […]

One song can spark a moment,One flower can wake the dreamOne tree can start a forest,One bird can herald spring. One smile begins a friendship,One handclasp lifts a soul.One star can guide a ship at sea,One word can frame the goal One vote can change a nation,One sunbeam lights a roomOne candle wipes out darkness,One […]