There are days like these when The tears don’t stop flowing , The heart does not stop yearning , and The soul is too tired to understand . There is no reason as such for these feelings … But the magnitude of the past weighs heavily on one’s heart . It brings back memories of […]

Her favorite place to be was siting on the sill of her room’s French Window. One could find her enjoying the sunset everyday . It was those few minutes which she waited in anticipation for . Time stopped during those sunset moments . She always related to the sunsets as beautiful endings. Looking far beyond […]

How I wish I was like the water,Flowing so freely with every dropLet my every emotion wonder,No need to start, nor even stopHow I wish I was like the fire,Burning with every flame upLeaving a trace of hot desireAs a Phoenix raises its’ wings upHow I wish I was like the earth,Raising each flower from […]